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    10 Questions to Ask When Buying Hay for Horses

    Summer signals a new season in hay making, buying, and selling. Horse owners who have an established relationship with a hay supplier (or suppliers) likely know details surrounding where, how, and when their hay is being produced. However, Mother Nature can throw a wrench into the best plans, and some horse owners may find themselves searching for new hay sources and providers.

    Minnesota’s hog farmers’ struggles may lead to economic woes in rural communities

    Minnesota’s hog farmers’ struggles may lead to economic woes in rural communities

    Ag Help Resources

    We know times are difficult for Minnesota farm families, but you are not alone.

    2020 Wright County Farm Family of the Year

    BUFFALO, Minn. (05/11/2020) — On behalf of University of MN Extension and the Wright County Farm Family of the Year selection committee, it is my honor to announce that the Neaton family of Sweet Beet Farm is the 2020 Wright County Farm Family of the Year. The Neatons are a young family of four: Nick and Amelia, and two young sons named Albin (4) and Hugo (1).

    Resources for Farmers

    Resources for Farmers

    Area Farmers Face Unique Challenges during Planting Season

    Spring planting is always a busy time for farmers; and a worldwide pandemic only amplifies the stress and uncertainty that accompanies the season.

    Minnesota Department of Agriculture Grant Opportunity for Livestock Processors

    The COVID-19 outbreak has severely affected the market supply chain for animals and animal products, causing serious bottlenecks and an urgent need for additional processing.

    The University of Minnesota Extension has a new cow podcast, The Moos Room.

    The University of Minnesota Beef and Dairy Teams are now producing a cow podcast called, The Moos Room.

    Soil Testing Lab and Plant Disease Clinic available to you!

    It is suggested that gardeners and farmers of all kinds get their soil tested at a minimum every few years. Why? Soil tests help find potential nutrient deficiencies and other issues in your soil. A test will also evaluate your soil’s pH and organic matter content. Every species of plants likes different pH levels and amounts of nutrients to grow efficiently and stay healthy. A simple $17 test from University of Minnesota’s Soil Testing Laboratory will help you address future issues before they even occur. For more information on taking and sending in samples visit One of the best times of the year to do soil sampling is right now!

    What’s the Dirt?

    What is soil? As it turns out, it is much more than just dirt. Soil, along with water and sun, is a very basic necessity of plant life on Earth. It provides the nutrients plants need to grow and reproduce.