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Meet your local educator

Jake Overgaard

Agriculture production systems and horticulture

Because University of Minnesota Extension is part of the communities we serve, we can identify information needs early, set up related research as needed, and develop educational programs to bring information and training to the community.

That’s true in Winona County where Jake Overgaard is the Extension Educator, offering customized resources. As part of the University, Jake is a member of a diverse network of experts engaged in research and education.

Jake’s background and interest in agriculture is wide ranging. He grew up with row crop farming and sheep production in western Minnesota, worked internationally on food security projects, got a masters degree in horticulture, and worked on a diversified fruit and vegetable farm here in southeast Minnesota. His work as an Extension Educator includes answering questions from farmers and homeowners, providing training for fruit and vegetable production, and hosting workshops with help from specialists in Extension on a range of topics including ag business, crop management, forestry, and grazing. Jake also works with the Whitewater Watershed Project and the local Farmer Led Council to help farmers find answers to conservation, water quality, and nutrient management questions.  Winona County's agricultural profile is diverse— Jake’s work reflects that diversity.