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  • County Fair Updates
    The schedule has been set for the County Fair cleanup. Please mark your calendar!
  • Farm Legacy Auction Updates and FAQ's
    With the fair (and subsequently the auction) drawing nearer, it's time to take some action and start recruiting bidders and sponsors for the Farm Legacy Auction; this new process has raised a lot of questions so we thought we'd clear up as many as possible by sharing the answers to the frequently asked questions
  • Aitkin CMCA Beef Show Information
    Held Annually, our Central Minnesota Cattlemen's Association Youth Beef Show will be held on Saturday, July 13th at the Aitkin County Fairgrounds. This is not a 4-H sponsored event, it is however a great learning experience for youth across the state.
  • A note from Virginia .....
    HOLY SMOKES! Can you believe that it's JUNE?! Our busiest month of the year is upon us so there will be a lot coming at you this month-for starters, this newsletter will be chalked FULL of juicy tidbits and helpful hints you'll want to know for our quickly approaching County Fair, you can also expect to receive emails and hard copy mail (and if you're lucky-or unlucky, depending on your position even a phone call from one of us!) Plus, since the show season has begun, there are tons of great opportunities to learn, grow, and compete throughout the summer months; be sure to check out the Upcoming Opportunities article to see if any of them work for you and your show season goals.
  • Upcoming Opportunities
    Check out upcoming activities and events that will be taking place!

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  • Gardening
    Get information about best plants and gardening practices for Minnesota lawns, landscapes, and gardens.

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