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Watkins Fundraiser Information

The Watkins Fundraiser is a great way for clubs and the county 4-H Federation to earn money to help fund opportunities during the 4-H program year. This year, we will need to follow health protocols to make sure we have a safe and successful fundraiser. Although we may not be meeting as a group, we are still representing 4-H when we conduct the sales and therefore must follow the 4-H health protocols. Before you start the fundraiser, please read and understand the health safety protocols. If you have any questions, please contact the Extension office. 

Whenever possible, sales should be conducted virtually (over the phone, Zoom, email, social media, etc). Limit face to face sales only to people who you are in regular contact with (family members, etc). When you do a face to face sale, follow the proper health protocols (wear a mask, wash hands, social distance, sanitize frequently touched items). Do not set up a table at a local business and sell or go door to door and sell. Additionally, encourage buyers to mail the checks/payment to you so you do not need to meet them to collect the money.

When you pick up the product to deliver, you will need to stay in your car. Patty will deliver the product to your vehicle. Additionally, each family will have a scheduled time to pick up their product. That schedule will be sent out and finalized as we get closer to product pick up.

When you deliver the product to your buyers, we encourage you to do so as contactless as possible. This means that you will drop off the product at the front door, in the garage, porch, etc. and let the buyer know you have dropped off the product.

Attached to this article is a PDF of the Watkins Fundraiser catalog and an order form. Feel free to share those with potential buyers.

Please reach out to the Extension office if you have any questioins.