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2019 MN State Fair Livestock Show Results

Beef - Breeding Heifer Simmental, Registered Fall Calf

Paskewitz, Rachel - 1st 

Beef - Breeding Heifer/Beef-Commercial Junior Yearling

Larum, Josie -  8th - Beef Showmanship Participant

Beef - Cow and Calf

Dukowitz, Ellie - 3rd - Beef Showmanship Participant

Dairy - Jersey Winter or Fall Calf

Wielenberg, Haylie - Red 10th 

Dairy- Jersey Summer or Spring Yearling

Holmquist, Kaelyn -  Red 9th 

Dairy-Crossbred 2 year old

Hulinsky, Hannah - Blue 2nd 

Dairy - Crossbred & Other Breeds Winter or Fall Yearling

Groetsch, Alexis- Blue -1st Champion Total Merit Crossbred Heifer

Dairy- Brown Swiss Three or Four Year Old

Hulinsky, Heather - Red  5th 

Dairy - Guernsey 2 Year Old

Lenz, Zachary - Red 3rd 

Dairy - Holstein, Registered Winter Yearling

Woeste, Alexis - Purple 3rd 

Dairy - Holstein Grade - Dry Cow, Two Years Old and Older

Tweeter, Alexis - Blue 2nd 

Goat - Dairy Unrecorded Grade - Milking Tow Year Old Doe

Lenz, Blake - Blue  

Schleter, Joshua - Blue  

Goat - Meat - Market Goat - Altered Male

Buntjer, Katrina - Blue  

Buntjer, Maria Blue Interview Finalist

Goat - Meat/Goat Doe - Senior yearling Meat Breeding Doe

Trantina, Nathan - Red  

Goat - Meat Goat Doe - Junior Yearling Meat Breeding Doe

Hemmingson, Shyanne - Red  

Goat - Meat Goat Doe - Junior Meat Breeding Doe Kid

Schmitt, Jayden - Red  

Poultry - Chickens - Market Pen Roasters

Carstensen, John - Red  

Carstensen, Sara - Red  

Lenz, Wyatt - Red  

Poultry - Chickens Breeding Pen

Prather, Danielle - Red  

Trantina, Jason - Red  

Poultry - Chickens - Egg Production - Brown Egg Layers

Sauer, Bernadette - Red  

Rabbit - Breeding Rabbit - Mini Lop - Senior Doe

Current, Gracei - Blue  

Rabbit - Breeting Rabbit -- Mini Rex - Senior Buck

Trantina, Julia - Red  

Swine - Market Gilet 

Sauer, Joseph - Red  

Club Banner

4-H Club, Wykeham Willing WorkersBlue banner with gears- Red  

4-H Club, West Union Country KidsPicture of car and license plate - Purple