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Dairy Beef Adventure and Dairy Leasing Opportunity!

Interested in learning more about cattle? Want to try your hand at raising a calf for the summer? Then this is for you! All 4-Hers are invited to join us in the 4-H Dairy Beef Adventure or the Dairy Leasing Program this year!

The Dairy Beef Adventure is for those interested in showing a dairy beef calf. Through the program, you will learn how to raise and show your calf. You will receive all the supplies needed to raise your calf until the County Fair and participate in the Beef Show in the Prospect Dairy Beef Calf class. You will even have the option to purchase your calf at the end of the summer and show it as a Market Beef in 2020! Calves for this program will be born in early spring and will be weaned from milk when you take them home. The cost for this program is $75.

Maybe a dairy heifer is more your style? Join us for the Dairy Leasing Program and lease your own heifer for the summer! Participants can choose between a Jersey Fall Calf, Jersey Winter Calf, Holstein Fall Calf or Holstein Winter Calf. The cost for this program is $100 per class; each participant can show up to 2 heifers. Following the fair, all heifers will be returned back to their farms.

What do you receive for your registration fee? You will receive a healthy calf, all the feed needed for the summer and educational opportunities to grow in your project learning. Participants are expected to provide a safe pen, small shelter (or a hutch can be provided for the dairy beef calves), water, halter and show supplies.

Interested? Check out the flyers below and sign up online at for the dairy heifers and for the dairy beef calves by March 1.