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Extension is expanding its online education and resources while in-person events and classes are canceled.

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    State Fair cancellation

    Extension is creating alternate experiences for 4-H'ers and others. "It won’t replace the Fair but we are committed to meaningful programming," says Dean Durgan.

    2020 4-H Camp at Home!

    SET YOUR SIGHTS ON NEW HEIGHTS! Steele County Campers will spend three days and two nights at their own homes enjoying games, songs, crafts, educational programs, great food from their own kitchens, cabin life, outdoor adventures, reflective campfires and more!

    Notes from Minnesota 4-H director Jennifer A. Skuza

    A brief update on summer showcases, 4-H at home and the role of volunteers in the midst of difficult times.

    Register for 4-H performing arts #AtHome

    A new 4-H performing arts series is coming to you #AtHome this summer! This engaging series of performing arts sessions will kick-off with a live session on Thursday, June 18, right from your home. Learn from teaching artists working in the field, receive resources on all things theatre, and connect with 4-H performing arts members across the state! Registration is free and required for participation.

    Participate in new 4-H Stock Talks!

    Join this new virtual animal science presentation experience for all Minnesota 4-H youth (grades K-13). A 4-H Stock Talk is a short video presentation about an animal science topic of your choice. Giving a talk is a great opportunity for you to share your learning with others and practice your demonstration skills! Videos must be submitted between June 1 and June 30. Sign-up today!

    2020 Minnesota 4-H SS&W Leader Certification updates

    We are launching a new 3-step SS&W Leader Certification process that you can start online! Please note requirements for each step. Watch for additional details in future Clover Updates.

    Build a Rube Goldberg-type machine

    There are some new ways that you can participate in the Minnesota 4-H Engineering Design Challenge during these challenging times – check them out! The Engineering Design Challenge is designed for youth in grades 3 and up.

    Keep youth safe in online group environments

    Many 4-H clubs, groups, and programs are connecting online. As more virtual programs are planned and delivered, use these practices for keeping young people safe online.

    Congratulations 2020 Helping Hands award recipients!

    Extension development and Minnesota 4-H are happy to announce 2020 Helping Hands Award recipients. Of the 18 applications we received, all projects were awarded - giving $25,882 to 4-H clubs from 21 counties across the state.

    Don’t forget these 4-H agronomy opportunities

    Don’t forget these great opportunities in 4-H agronomy -- they’ve been created to provide you with ways to enhance your project experience!

    Attend one-day 4-H livestock day camp this July

    Minnesota 4-H is offering 4-H livestock day camp at two different locations in July. The trainings will focus on youth grade 6 and up, but younger members will be welcome if they bring a parent or adult chaperone. Event and registration due dates vary by location.

    Steele County Livestock ID

    ID Deadline has been extended until June 1st 2020. This is for all livestock, including rabbits.  The Self ID process that we will follow in 2020 for all breeding & market animals is explained in the Animal Science Project ID Information.

    4-H Dog Training Information

    Steele County 4-H Dog Training is an ongoing training process throughout the summer of 2020. We will start out with virtual trainings until we can meet face-to-face again.

    Steele County 4-H Agronomy Project Kits

    The Steele County 4-H Agronomy Project is Back for a second year. The Agronomy program allows 4-H youth to explore the broad scope of plant sciences through educational opportunities about crops, vegetables, horticulture, and more. Don’t miss your chance and sign up today!

    Message from Associate Dean and Minnesota 4-H Director

    University of Minnesota Extension has extended its cancellation of in-person events until the end of June. 4-H educators are hard at work creating meaningful learning and leading experiences young people can access from their homes.

    Animal identification deadline extended to June 1, 2020

    Extension 4-H educators are working on plans to distribute ear tags as required for project animals. If 4-H youth require livestock quality assurance certification for this year’s state fair 4-H shows, please use the YQCA online training.

    Virtual learning will apply to the bonus trip program: State Fair livestock and State Horse Show bonus trip application deadline extended to July 1

    Bonus trips to the Minnesota State Fair and State Horse Show recognize excellent local youth development programs. During the COVID-19 restrictions, please consider hosting virtual learning events - all virtual learning that is county planned, presented, and documented will be considered for the bonus trip program!

    What's growing?

    We are challenging 4-H members to get up, get out and see what’s growing! We’re asking you to apply science strategies as you observe plants and how they grow.

    Market chickens and market turkeys Included in 2020 Purple Ribbon Auction!

    For the first time ever, the 2020 Purple Ribbon Auction at the Minnesota State Fair will include the champion and reserve champion market chickens and turkeys!

    Check out Extension's Coping with COVID-19 resources website

    Are you looking for resources to get you through the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you stressed from being at home? Worried about finances or about having enough food? Extension and each of its Centers have resources compiled on one website.

    Are you a county website user? We want to hear from you!

    The Extension web team is conducting a survey of staff, volunteers and website visitors to learn more about how people are using the Extension county websites—submit your feedback today!

    Start your crop scouting team in time for the 4-H Crop Scouting Competition

    Now is the perfect time of year to start your 4-H crop scouting team! Teams should include 3-5 youth (grades seven and up) and two adult coaches. Teams will participate in the 4-H Crop Scouting Competition on July 27 at the Bayer research plot in Benson, Minnesota.

    Friday's Project Forecast

    Every Friday in April through May watch for the Friday’s Project Forecast. We will be highlighting project areas and providing some project ideas along with some hands on activities to get you started in this Project FUN. Remember to update your projects interests in 4honline - That is where we will be getting the project enrollment list if we send specific project kits or hands on fun.

    What ya Doin Wednesday

    Looking for some fun stuff to do at home or with your 4-H club? Every week in April we will have 7 “Boredom Busters” science experiments that you can do right there in your kitchen or while connecting with your club of friends. We will also include some “Living Room Learning” that you can connect with live virtual experiences or activity links your kids can do right on the couch. And if you're feeling a little cooped up at home, we will have some “Amazing Field Trips” you can head off to.

    Have you downloaded the 4-H App yet?

    Try loading our 4-H App on your phone

    Help check for water pollution in your community

    Volunteer to help test the water quality in your community throughout 2020. This is a great opportunity for 4-H clubs, families and youth to help the environment and provide community service!

    Steele County Shooting Sports

    Shooting Sports is getting underway for the 2020 season! Starting Saturday, February 29th, archery & BB gun practice will begin at the Straight River Archery Club & The "20" Rifle & Pistol Club located at 1675 NW 50th St, Medford.

    Minnesota 4-H Agriculture Ambassadors: 2020 team selected

    Congratulations to these Minnesota 4-H’ers on being selected as 2020 Minnesota 4-H Agriculture Ambassadors! This is a new opportunity for youth in the 4-H agronomy and livestock project areas.

    2020 4-H Camp at Camp Victory

    4-H Camp at Camp Victory by Zumbro Falls, MN Monday, June 15 through Wednesday, June 17, 2020 For 4-H Youth in grades 3 - 8. Register by Mary 15, 2020

    Seeking youth and adults passionate about photography

    The Minnesota 4-H photography sub-committee is looking for youth and adults who are passionate about photography to serve on the state 4-H photography project development committee.

    Keep youth safe: Ensure all programs are publicly scheduled

    All 4-H programs must be publicly scheduled on University of Minnesota Extension branded resources like the county web page, Facebook or calendar. This ensures that all youth, Minnesota 4-H volunteers and parents/guardians are aware of and have access to 4-H programs, activities and trainings.

    Peterson named Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer

    Meeker County 4-H volunteer Pam Peterson has been named the 2020 Minnesota 4-H Salute to Excellence Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer.

    Big Stone County’s Greger receives Volunteer of the Year honor

    Cara Greger of Big Stone County has received the 2020 Minnesota 4-H Salute to Excellence Volunteer of the Year Award.

    Sign up for 4-H agronomy related project areas!

    Are you are re-enrolling in the 4-H program? Now is a great time of year to sign up for project areas related to agronomy -- projects like vegetable gardening, crop science, plants, soil science and even potatoes! New opportunities are on the way for those signing up in these areas.

    Check out these tools to support new 4-H families

    Discover these new tools designed to engage and support new families and volunteers.

    Plan and develop the club budget

    It’s time for 4-H clubs to develop their annual budgets. Budgets provide a written plan for raising and spending money to accomplish club goals. Sharing budget reports with your club throughout the year is a great way to help all 4-H members understand where and how funds are being used.

    4-H Cloverbud Adventures

    4-H Cloverbuds Adventures are activities designed for 4-H'ers in Kindergarten through second grade.

    Use the Cloverbud information sheet to determine age appropriate activities

    The 4-H Cloverbud program supports the positive development of 4-H members in kindergarten – 2nd grade. Use the resource in this article to ensure the activities for this group are age appropriate and follow the safety measures and policies described.