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Stearns County 4- H Annual Recognition Banquet

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January 8, 2020                                                                                                        


Source:                       Katie Petty, Extension Educator,               

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Stearns County 4- H Annual Recognition Banquet

By Katie Petty, University of Minnesota Extension

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (1/8/20) —The annual Stearns County 4-H Recognition Banquet was held on Saturday December 28th, 2019 10 at Shady’s Event Center in Albany.  Stearns County 4-H’ers were recognized for their accomplishments during the past year, our new Federation Officers were installed, and recognition was given to our volunteers and supporters.  A special thank you to all the volunteers and 4-H’ers who helped put this event on and to all the donors that help support the event. Without all of you, this event would not be possible!

Awards were as follows:

Outgoing 2018-2019 4-H Federation Officers:        

President – Amanda Kokett – Albany Southsiders

Vice President – Christian Willoughby – Rocky Rangers

Secretary – Matthew Thorlson – Tel – Stars

Youth Treasurer – Justine Meyer – Exchange Explorers

Adult Treasurer – Toni Honer – Sauk Valley

Historian – Grace Backes – Rocky Rangers

Historian – Maia Rueter – Pelican Peak

Historian – Maya Walls – Breezy Pines

Incoming 2019-2020 4-H Federation Officers:

President – Maia Reuter – Pelican Peak

Vice President – Courtney Larson – Albany Southsiders

Secretary – Maya Walls – Breezy Pines

Youth Treasurer – Justine Meyer – Exchange Explorers

Adult Treasurer – Toni Honer – Sauk Valley

Historian – Grace Backes – Rocky Rangers

Historian – Jon Loecken -  Tel – Stars

Outstanding Club Officers:

Club Secretary: Briana Maus – Tel – Stars

Club Historian: Lily & Naomi Wichman and Claire & Lynn Arvig – Pelican Peak

Needle Arts Project Achievement Awards:

Peter Doroff – Breezy Pines

Grace Kapsner – Pelican Peak

Species Herdsmanship Awards:

Beef – Cold Spring Flyers

Dairy – Albany Southsiders

Goat – Pelican Peak

Horse – Golden Horseshoes

Lama – Tel – Stars

Poultry – Sartell Superstars

Rabbit – Sartell Superstars

Sheep – Many Molitor Family

Swine – Pelican Peak

Livestock Auction Scholarship Winners:

Patricia Loecken– Tel – Stars

Paul Pundsack – Pelican Peak

Spencer VanBeck – Pelican Peak

Advisory Council Scholarship Winner:

Patricia Loecken – Tel - Stars

Volunteer Years of Service Awards:

5 Year Awards

Brenda Boyer – Cold Spring Flyers

Tamara Frericks – Albany Southsiders

Erik Jopp – Cold Spring Flyers

Sally Larson  - Albany Southsiders

Tom Peterson – Independent

Ryan Sand – Tel - Stars

Jodi Sowada – Golden Horseshoes

Kenneth Thiesen – Pelican Peak

10 Year Awards

Janelle Ahlert – Breezy Pines

Shannon Olson – Albany Southsiders

Kathy Ratka – Cold Spring Flyers

Nancy Throlson – Tel – Stars

15 Year Awards

Melissa Czeck – Spunk Creek Critters

Anita Dobmeier – Silver Spurs

25 Year Awards

Michael Erpelding
Joanne Lahr – Gopher Prairie

Cynthia Mergen – Independent

Friend of 4-H Award:

Freeport Veterinary Services

Holdingford American Legion

Graduation Awards:

Laura Bertram – Gopher Prairie

Hailey Breth – Albany Southsiders

Gracie Dobmeier – Silver Spurs

Katianna Feldewerd – Adley Creek

Hatelyn Hartwig – Albany Southsiders

Donna Honer – Sauk Valley

James Jackson – Northfork Livewires

Scott Kahler – Rocky Rangers

Aaron Kalthoff – Albany Southsiders

Jakob Kolb – Silver Spurs

Kendra Kraemer – Cold Spring Flyers

Patricia Loecken – Tel – Stars

Jackie Martinez – Adley Creek

Angela Molitor – Sauk Valley

Mandy Molitor – Watnicks

Paul Pundsack – Pelican Peak

Jenna Rademacher – Tel – Stars

Colten Sigurdson – Sartell Superstars

Katie Sowada – Golden Horseshoes

Maesyn Thiesen – Pelican Peak

Olivia Thompson – Adley Creek

Devon Uphoff – Albany Southsiders

Spencer VanBeck – Pelican Peak

Merit Club Winner:

Pelican Peak

Outstanding Adult Leader:

Gail Kokett – Albany Southsiders

Congratulations to all award winners!  Thank you to all award sponsors! 

If you have any questions or are interesting in joining 4-H, please call the Stearns County Extension Office at 320-255-6169  visit our website at