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Extension is expanding its online education and resources to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions.

4-H in North St. Louis County

    Youth showcase a year of 4-H learning in North St. Louis County
    Throughout Minnesota, 4-H educators and youth are putting their innovation skills to work as they create alternative experiences to replace 2020 county fairs, including the North St. Louis County Fair.
    In an effort to keep the North St. Louis County (NSL) 4-H community connected a verity of events will be occurring on social media.
    Dear 4-H Families
    Beginning in July, Minnesota 4-H has permission from the University of Minnesota to reintroduce small group, in-person learning experiences related to learning, leadership and service. How exciting to bring youth together in our community!
    4-H Spirit Day
    Let’s start out the NSL 4-H Virtual Showcase week with a Spirit Day! Put on your best 4-H shirt or wear the color green in support of NSL 4-H.
    4-H Virtual Pet Show
    Here is an opportunity for all 4-H youth in Kindergarten through a year past high school to show your pet at the NSL 4-H Virtual Pet Show!
    4-H Horseless Horse Fun Show
    Let’s have some fun and be creative while participating in the NSL 4-H Horseless Horse Fun Show on Thursday August 6!
    4-H Family Game Night
    The North St. Louis County 4-H Ambassadors invite you to a 4-H Family game night! This is an opportunity for 4-H families to hang out and get together virtually over Zoom to play games.
    4-H Virtual Fair Food Challenge
    There always seems to be one fair food that we crave each year at the fair.
    4-H Sundaes on Sunday
    Annual 4-H County Fair Tradition is to enjoy an ice cream sundae while watching the 4-H awards ceremony.
    Notes from Minnesota 4-H director Jennifer A. Skuza
    Jennifer highlights how 4-H is reintroducing in-person programs, provides an update on showcase events and clarifies 4-H eligibility.

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