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County Agriculture Educator

  • Lawn care checklist: spring edition
    The April snow has melted and our turfgrass is finally revealing itself again, reminding us that we have some work to do to prepare our lawns for the growing season. We are lucky that the cool-season turfgrasses we use in our Minnesota lawns can survive harsh winters, because this past winter was a doozy. Our turfgrasses endure the changing seasons because they grow rapidly during the cooler temperatures of spring and fall and then become less active during the heat of summer and frigid cold of winter. Read more about how our lawn care routine should support this natural life cycle of cool-season grasses to ensure that our lawns stay healthy. 
  • Prepare to address volunteer corn in fields hit by 2018 tornadoes
    The downed corn left in the aftermath of the 2018 tornadoes causes a high potential for the occurrence of volunteer corn in these areas in 2019. I wrote an article about volunteer corn last fall, but as farmers are preparing for planting, I wanted to address the topic again.
  • Preparing for a disaster: steps for creating a farm emergency action plan
    Due to the current height of snow drifts and record-breaking snowfall in February, areas in Rice and Steele counties are experiencing flooding issues this spring. Homeowners and farmers can take steps to prepare for such disasters

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  • Gardening
    Get information about best plants and gardening practices for Minnesota lawns, landscapes, and gardens.

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