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2019-2020 Pope County 4-H record and awards resource page

4-H record book

What are 4-H Records?

The purpose of 4-H record keeping is to teach important life skills such as record keeping, planning, organizing, goal setting, utilizing resources wisely, self-discipline, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making, and communication.  Because of individual differences, youth are encouraged to select from a variety of alternatives to meet their needs and learning styles.  4-H is not just doing, but learning by doing – sharing – understanding – relating – and applying.  Record keeping encourages reflection which is a critical step in the learning process.  Reflection allows us to apply what was learned to other situations in life.  Review the 4-H Record Information Sheet for more details.


Why complete 4-H Records?

4-H Record completion teaches members to set goals, plan how to achieve those goals, create budgets, manage money, stick to a timeline, meet deadlines, how to create a resume, and how to apply what they learn in projects to life.  By completing a 4-H Record each year, you keep a record of everything you accomplished during that time.  This makes 4-H Records a valuable tool in applying for scholarships, college, or jobs in the future. 


Who can do 4-H Records?

Records can be completed by any 4-H member in grades Kindergarten through one year past high school graduation.  Cloverbuds (grades K-2) complete their own specialized record.  Youth in grades 3-12+ complete the same record form but are divided into two age categories for judging 3-5 and 6+.  As a youth advances in the 4-H program and their project development, their record should continue to get more detailed and show advanced learning, leadership, and service.


What is the difference between the Participation Record and the Project Record?

The Participation Record is a summary of everything you did in 4-H, school, church, work, family, and other organizations throughout the past year.  It is meant to help you reflect on what you have learned through those activities.  Members only need to complete 1 participation summary per year if they choose to utilize the record forms.

The Record is a summary of a project you completed.  It may be Beef, Clothing & Textiles, Food & Nutrition, Photography, etc.  You will complete 1 Record for each project area you are completing a record on.

2020: Online Record Template for Grades K+ (this record is completely done online, does not need to be printed to submit, and can be edited up until the deadline).  If you would prefer to complete a paper version you can still use the past record format, but can also choose to submit it online by sending it to by the record deadline.

Cloverbud Record Template for Grades K-2


Are there any rewards or recognition?

Yes! Review each award application for specific requirements. Awards are given for 4-H participation and achievements for the current 4-H year (October-September). Nominations forms will open on August 1, 2020.

Outstanding 1st Year

4-H youth 9+ Awards/ Scholarship/Graduation 

ADA Awards

Spirit of 4-H Award 

Club of the Year Application

Club Awards (community service, conservation, Safety)

Outstanding Leader/Volunteer Award

Record Completion ScholarshipHow do I qualify to receive the Record Completion Scholarship?  Pope County 4-H offers $200 records scholarships to 4-Hers that have met the following criteria:
1. 4-Her must complete the 4-H participation summary and at least one project record OR submit a resume, 4-H story, and project write-up according to Pope County 4-H Record Guidelines every year from 6-12 grade.  Records must be of quality (see 4-H Record Guidelines) and all parts of the record must be completed in order to qualify for the scholarship.
2. 4-Her may request the scholarship after completion of 12th grade.  To request the scholarship, the 4-Her must bring into the Extension Office all of their completed records from the time they completed 6th grade to the time of high school graduation.  The 4-Her is responsible for keeping their records as proof through the years.
3. You must be enrolled in 4-H a minimum of 3 years to be eligible.


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