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Congratulations to Polk County Livestock

From the moment Catie Erickson found out she won a lamb through the Aksarben, she was on a mission. Catie figured it was a waste to pull an empty trailer when it could instead be filled with donated supplies for the flood victims of Nebraska. Catie took this idea to the livestock group and everyone was on board. Donations from all over Minnesota along with North Dakota, South Dakota, Maryland, North Carolina, and New York come pouring in. After the money donations were collected, 4-H members along with Catie headed to the Fleet Supply in Crookston. During this time Katie 4-H Program Coordinator talked with the 4-H members about what type of supplies would you think the people of Nebraska need. One youth stated, “we should get gloves to keep the farmers hands safe.” Each youth had $200 that they could spend on supplies. Before going shopping a 4-H member stated, “let’s partner up then we could have $400 and work together.” The remaining funds then went towards fencing materials.

After putting on over 1200 miles, Catie welcomed home to Polk county Minnesota her Aksarben Challenge Lamb. “It was a privilege to open our trailer to you all with much needed supplies! It was very overwhelming emotionally to take it all in and see items leave as fast as they were literally unloaded. We made new connections and friends from Lakeview FFA! To fill all three compartments and the gooseneck full of supplies was amazing! Thank you Friends of Polk County 4-H!” stated by the Erickson family. Thank you to everyone that helped with this service project. A special thank you to the UMC Animal Science Department. Through all of the donations Polk County 4-H was able to raise over $6,000 to help the flood victims of Nebraska.