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    Key Award Application

    The Key Award is a very special award that recognizes a youth’s contributions to their clubs, communities, and encourages them to grow as an outstanding citizen.

    It's Record Time!

    4-H is not just learning by doing. It’s learning by doing it, sharing it, understanding it, relating it , and using it.

    Enroll or Re-Enroll

    4-H enrollment opens on September 15th.

    Annual 4-H Federation Meeting

    The Annual 4-H Federation meeting is scheduled for Sunday, November 24th!

    Adult Volunteer Training

    Please mark your calendar and spread the word.

    Awards Program

    The 2019 Awards Program has been set! Mark your calendars!

    YELLO Conference

    Youth Exploring Leadership and Learning Outloud! (YELLO!) is an exciting and fun 4-H civic engagement and leadership conference that engages youth in activities to prepare them to learn and lead in their communities.

    A note from Katie ......

    WOW…....where has the time gone?

    4-H Re/Enrollment

    Minnesota 4-H families are reminded and encouraged to visit to enroll/re-enroll both youth members and adult volunteers

    4-H Volunteers

    Your enrollment as a 4-H volunteer will last for three years.