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Plan and develop the club budget

This is the time of year for 4-H clubs to develop their annual budget. The budget provides a written plan for raising and spending money to accomplish club goals.  

  • The budget is based on the 4-H year, Oct. 1 - Sept. 30.
  • The budget development process is led by the youth treasurer and adult Minnesota 4-H volunteer advisor and can include other youth and Minnesota 4-H volunteers in the club.
  • The club should determine their goals and develop the budget to meet those goals.
  • Once the budget is complete the financial team presents it to the full club for review, changes and approval.
  • Record the motion, vote of approval and date in the secretary’s minutes.

Present monthly reports to your club throughout the year showing how income and expenses are tied to the budget -- it’s a great way to help all 4-H members understand where and how funds are being used!