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National 4-H Week

In case you need some ideas, here are 10 ways to Celebrate National 4-H week:
1. Sign-up to participate in or assist with your local 4-H club.
2. Wear green every day in support of the 4-H movement.
3. Invite someone from 4-H to come and speak at your church, your child’s school, or another community event to help others learn about the organization and what it offers.  If you are a member, volunteer to speak at these community events to spread the word.
4. Throw a 4-H Family Fun day and invite the families in your community to come and learn more about your club. Plan fun activities, games, and demonstrations that show all the great things about 4-H.
5. Hand out 4-H clover stickers to people you meet throughout the week and use the stickers as a way to start conversations about the great things 4-H does for its participants and its communities.
6. Do something special for the local sponsors of your 4-H club like writing thank you notes or taking them a bouquet of green and white balloons.
7. Encourage everyone in your club to wear a 4-H t-shirt or button everyday during the week to promote 4-H across your community.
8. Hand out bags of green and white jelly beans at the community park or sports fields as a way to spread awareness of 4-H.
9. Make 4-H clover shaped cookies and take them to your local nursing home to hand out to the residents.
10. Make a sign to hang in your school celebrating 4-H


Happy National 4-H Week!