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Keep youth safe: Ensure all programs are publicly scheduled

All 4-H programs must be publicly scheduled on University of Minnesota Extension branded resources. This ensures that all youth, Minnesota 4-H volunteers and parents/guardians are aware of and have access to 4-H programs, activities and trainings.

Public scheduling:

  • Provides evidence that the program is offered by the University of Minnesota Extension Center for 4-H Youth Development. This is important if an accident or incident occurs and evidence is needed to demonstrate that the event was an Extension program rather than an offering through another group or an informal gathering of friends.
  • Demonstrates the commitment of Minnesota 4-H, Extension, and the University of Minnesota to ensuring that the diverse youth of this state have equal opportunities for participation in quality learning experiences.

Programs are considered publicly scheduled when:

  • The local Extension employee is notified and the programs, activities and events are listed on the University of Minnesota county website, Facebook page and/or the county 4-H calendar. 
  • Club programs are listed in the club plan of work/calendar.
    • Make sure to include any activities added during the year.
    • If a schedule change occurs, the Extension employee must be notified prior to the activity.
    • Schedule changes should be included in the meeting minutes.