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Federation FAQ

What is Federation?

Everyone's heard of the 4-H Federation, right? The Federation is the governing body of Polk County 4-H. It is a group of 4-H members and adults who make decisions about events, workshops, programs and other activities throughout the county.

How do I join the Federation?

Just start coming to the meetings! We meet 4 times during the year on the 4th Monday in November, February, May, and August.  Coming to the meetings is a great way to stay informed about all the County wide programs and events.

Why should I Join Federation or come to the meetings?

Becoming a member of the 4-H Federation gives you the opportunity to speak for your club and to stay informed about what is going on in Polk County 4-H. The best way for your club to make decisions is if YOU come to the meetings and voice your opinions. Everyone is welcome at Federation meetings and encouraged to voice their opinions and share their ideas!