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Cloverbud " Year in Review" Stories

4-H is not just learning by doing. It's learning by doing it, sharing it, understanding it, relating it, and using it. Record keeping encourages you to reflect on your experience so you can share it with others and learn.  As you get older, records will become an important part of your 4-H project and helping you grow as a leader in the program.

This year, as the 4-H year comes to a close and you look back on the past year, use your experiences to tell your 4-H story. You can use written words, pictures, drawings, or any other medium. Feel free to use additional pages, or even other methods of telling the story. This is a great time for each of you to spend time reflecting about the past 4-H year and what you have learned. 


Handwritten or type a story about your experience in 4-H this year. 
• Write about the projects you made. 
• What was your favorite experience and what was your least favorite experience?
• Why do you like to be a Cloverbud? 
• How many meetings did you attend? 
• What did you learn and what do you want to learn next year?
• What were some activities you attended?  What did you learn there? 
• Looking back on your year, what did you learn the most from? 
• What did not work out for you?  What will you do differently next year? 
• What are your goals for next year? 

These are just guidelines and ideas-you may write about any part of your 4-H year as you reflect on it.