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Week 3 - 4-H @ Home

Week 3 of 4-H @ Home offers some great lessons to get youth outside in nature! Each week's lessons are categorized by age and can be found below in the "downloads" section by clicking on the link!

K-2 Week 3 Lesson

Make Your Own Map - Have you ever seen a treasure map? Did you know you can make your own map? Check out this lesson to learn how to make a map in your own backyard.

Grades 3-5 Week 3 Lesson

What's That Sound? - No matter where you are, you can usually hear or see something? Sometimes you'll find things you didn't even know were there. Do this lesson to help you discover hidden sounds and habitats.

Grades 6 - 8 Week 3 Lesson

Water Use Survey - Do you know how much water you use in a week? The results might be surprising! Learn more and do an experiment on your own water usage by reviewing this lesson.

Grades 9+ Week 3 Lesson

Bee Scavenger Hunt - This will be one scavenger hunt you and your friends or family will be buzzing about!