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Week 2 - 4-H @ Home

Week 2 of 4-H @ Home offers some more great ideas for things that all youth can do at home, outside in nature, at their own pace! Each week's lessons are categorized by age and can be found below in the "downloads" section by clicking on the link!

K-2 Week 2 Lesson

Digging in the Dirt - Learn more about the different layers of dirt in an incredibly delicious way!

Grades 3-5 Week 2 Lesson

Benefits of a Tree - I bet you have many trees in your backyard or in your neighborhood but have you ever thought about all the awesome things they do? Check out this lesson to learn how much a tree near you helps you out!

Grades 6 - 8 Week 2 Lesson

Make a Bird Bath - Birds are just like you, they need to drink water, stay cool and take baths so why not help them do just that and make your own bird bath!

Grades 9+ Week 2 Lessons

Photography Part 1 & 2 - Do you like to take photos of your friends, family, pet or the scenery but want to improve your photo taking skills? Check out part 1 and part 2 of this lesson to dive in!