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Week 1 - 4-H @ Home

Week 1 of 4-H @ Home offers some awesome ideas for things that all youth can do at home, outside in nature, at your own pace! Each week's lessons are categorized by age and can be found below in the "downloads" section by clicking on the link!

K-2 Week 1 Lessons

I Spy in Nature - Go on your own nature I Spy nature adventure and create your own kindness rock

Eat Like a Bird - Have you ever thought about how a bird eats? Try eating like a bird for a day!

Grades 3-5 Week 1 Lesson

Create a Creature - Make your own creature out of things you find outdoors, paper and tape!

Grades 6 - 8 Week 1 Lesson

Identifying Plants - Our backyards, city parks and state parks are filled with plants but how do you identify them if you don't know what they are? This lesson will help you do just that!

Grades 9+ Week 1 Lessons

Gophers - Have you ever seen any pocket gophers when you are driving around the road? This lesson will teach you about gophers and how to trap them. Did you know you can make money in some townships for trapping gophers?