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2020 Minnesota 4-H SS&W Leader Certification updates

4-H volunteer working with youth

We are launching a new 3-step SS&W Leader Certification process that you can start online! 

These steps must be completed to become fully certified in a new SS&W discipline:

  • Complete the National 4-H Shooting Sports instructor online training course - This online training will fulfill many traditionally in-person instruction hours in volunteerism and positive youth development. There is not a specific date for completion, but it will need to be completed prior to attending a one-day in-person discipline training. This course takes about five hours to complete. Registration is available now.
  • View recorded Minnesota 4-H SS&W risk management webinar - This recorded session will be one hour in length and is posted on the SS&W volunteer web page. A certificate of completion will be received and must be sent in for documentation.
  • Attend a one day in-person discipline training - The SS&W PDC is monitoring the current situation closely to determine when we can offer discipline training. We will communicate registration and other information at that time.


A subcommittee of the 4-H SS&W project development committee is currently looking at the requirements needed for re-certification. At this time, there is a grace period for 4-H SS&W instructors that are nearing the requirement of every 7 years re-certification due to the lack of in-person trainings. More information to be posted.

General information

This 4-H Shooting Sports and Wildlife training is designed for adults and youth that lead or would like to lead training in shooting sports, wildlife, or ATV safety. Classes will be offered in the disciplines of coordinator, archery, rifle/pistol, shotgun, muzzleloading, wildlife, and ATV safety. This training meets the 4-H project leaders’ requirements for certification and re-certification. Although there is range and field time allocated on the one-day discipline schedule, the majority of the training is classroom work to become an effective instructor, not to practice your own shooting or riding skills.

New in 2020

Level 1 instructors (county level) must be re-certified a minimum of every 7 years. A database has been created to flag those that are nearing this requirement. Volunteer instructors that are at seven years in 2020 will have until Fall of 2021 to complete the training.