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Mower County 4-H Awards & Scholarships

Please read the following to see if you are eligible. All applications and nomination forms are downloadable and links can be found at the bottom of this article. All applications are due to the office by the 3rd Thursday of October @ midnight.  You may email them, place in the 4-H drop box outside the Extension office, or mail-in to: 1105 1/2 8th Ave NE  Austin, MN 55912.

Learn It, Live It, Love It Scholarship

The Learn It, Live It, Love It Scholarship has established with Mower County 4-H to encourage 4-H members to develop themselves in the 4-H program by learning and living through their experiences. Based on the family’s belief in positive youth development, the focus on this scholarship is on demonstrated learning through hands-on experience, along with directing knowledge gained toward assisting other youth.

  • Eligibility: Mower County 4-H Members in Grades 11, 12 & Post High School. 
  • Award: $500 to be given at the Recognition Banquet.
  • Selection: Candidates will be evaluated on their growth in the 4-H program and their passion to spread their love of the 4-H program.

Livestock & Leadership Award

This 4-H award was established to recognize members who are involved in livestock and leadership activities through the 4-H program. The goal of this award is to recognize members who’ve grown through leadership activities of the 4-H program while participating in livestock and static projects.

  • Eligibility: Mower County 4-H Members in completed Grades 10, 11, 12 & 13, candidates must have shown livestock and static project both in the same year for at least two years during their 4-H career, members who have previously won a Grass-Lunning award in the past are ineligible. Members may only win this award once.
  • Award: $100 award to be given to one member annually at the 4-H Banquet
  • Selection: Candidates will be chosen by their participation and growth in 4-H projects and leadership activities.

Agnes Haney- Waters Beginner Lamb Scholarship

The Agnes Haney-Waters family began this award to help spread Agnes’ love for 4-H and the sheep program. This award is intended to help beginning members get started in the sheep project.

  • Eligibility: Members who showed at the previous year’s county fair with less than three years of sheep showing experience. (EXCLUDING Cloverbud years).
  • Award: $100 scholarship awarded to the top applicant to assist with their sheep project.

4-H Graduation

Under the state’s 4-H graduation policy, you may remain in 4-H for one year after your high school graduation. Or, you may elect to graduate from 4-H the year you graduate from high school.

If you will be graduating, not taking your 13th year or completed your 13th year please complete this online form.

Environmental Education and Economic Awareness Awards

Those who received champions and reserve champions this year in the following categories: wildlife/biology, water and wetlands, forest resources, plant and soil science, and exploring the environment are eligible to apply for this award. Please complete the application and your Fair projects must be brought to the Extension Office by the 3rd Thursday of October, please email the office to request a time to bring your project into the office prior to the deadline. One champion and one reserve champion exhibit will be chosen.

4-H Scholarship

  • Eligibility: 4-Hers that have graduated from high school. You may receive this 4-H Scholarship only once.
  • Award: $400 scholarship

Honorary Leaders- Nomination

  • The Honorary Leader award is an award that is given to one male and one female volunteer who have gone above and beyond for Mower County 4-H.

Deb Schammel Grow Green Award

  • Eligibility: For those who are involved in the 4-H Garden, Indoor Gardening, Flower Gardening, Fruits, and Vegetable Gardening projects.
  • Award: $200 Scholarship awarded

Harlow Sayles Memorial  Award

  • Eligibility: All graduating 4-Her’s (grade 13 and early graduating members).
  • Award: Plaque, plus name engraved on a perpetual plaque in 4-H Building.

Tony Burke Memorial Outstanding 4-H Swine Exhibitor Award

  • Eligibility: All those involved in the swine project and are at least 16 years old and have exhibited swine for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Award: Plaque, plus name engraved on a perpetual plaque in 4-H Building.

Minnesota 4-H Key Award

Don't overlook the Gold Key Award! This is one of the most prestigious awards in 4-H!

  • Eligibility:
  • Must have completed sophomore year in high school.
  • Must have 5 years of 4-H experience
  • Must have three years as a youth leader
  • Must meet seven of nine ‘leadership experience’ requirements.

I Dare You Award - Nomination 

The I Dare You Leadership Award was first offered in 1941 by William H. Danforth. Mr. Danforth was a successful businessman who dared young people to achieve their highest potential and to influence others through lives of leadership and service. As a civic leader, he helped found the American Youth Foundation in 1925. The belief then, as it is today, is that each individual can make a difference. The I Dare You Leadership Award recognizes those who, with a little encouragement, are ready to see themselves as leaders – young adults who are ready to take the dare. 4-H members who demonstrate personal integrity, lead well-rounded lives and possess a willingness to assume responsibility should be considered for this award. Those nominated for this award should be “emerging” leaders – those youth who have the qualities and the abilities to lead, but who may not yet recognize or act on their leadership potential. You are allowed to nominate both a female and male or one. This award is designed to be given to a member 14-16 years of age (Grades 9 & 10) and can only receive one during their 4-H career.

Environmental Education and Economic Awareness Application

Applicants must have projects that promote a message of environmental education and economic awareness to the public. Project area examples: Wildlife/Biology, Water/Wetlands, Forest Resources, Plant and Soil Sciences & Exploring the Environment projects. The project will be submitted along with the application.

Friends of 4-H - Nomination
One Individual and one business are selected each year based on nominations to be recognized as a Friend of 4-H. These would be a community business or individual who has supported 4-H in many ways.