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4-H Information Center

Welcome - We are so happy you have joined Mower County 4-H!

We want you to have a positive experience as a 4-H member and feel informed. At the start of your membership we will mail you a new member welcome packet and from time-to-time throughout the year we will be sending information to families experiencing 4-H for the first time. Resources posted here will help you learn more about 4-H and how you can make the most out of your experience. Another great place to find out about Mower County 4-H happens in our Facebook page

Cloverbuds (K-2nd grade) can view the Cloverbud Information Sheet online.

What is 4-H?

In 4-H, young people build the skills they need for a lifetime - they learn and lead with the support of caring adults. 4-H is offered throughout Minnesota in both urban and rural areas. Youth are able to learn by doing in a wide range of project areas, participate in service-learning and build strong relationships with their peers. 

In Mower County there are currently 11 community clubs. We also have 2 site-based clubs. 4-H families join a local club where you are able to make friends, find help with 4-H projects and take place in other activities. Most clubs welcome anybody in kindergarten through one year past high school and interested in any project area. This means your entire family can be involved together. 

How do I get involved?

Visit a club or talk to a club leader. You don't have to choose the nearest club to your house, some families choose to drive a little farther to join a club with people they already know, a club with other youth the same age or just by what fits best in your schedule. Each club is a little different and it's important to find the right fit for your family. Feel free to visit a couple to find the right fit for your family. If you need help finding a club let us know.

This Club sheet includes all our current clubs and the adult volunteer's contact information.

Once you've found a club and are ready to enroll talk to a club leader or 4-H staff about the quick enrollment process. 

What can I do in 4-H?

4-H'ers can design their own activities or take part in a structured one. In 4-H, young people learn by doing. This learning model teaches them life skills such as:

  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Coping
  • Communicating
  • Teamwork

Have more questions? Want to learn more?

Contact a Club leader, or Mower County 4-H Program Coordinator April VonRuden ( or Mower County 4-H STEM Club Coordinator Jessica Vazquez (