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Agriculture and Horticulture Extension Education and Resources

Source: Karen Johnson, UMN Extension Educator- McLeod and Meeker Counties

Have a question and need help finding the answer for farm and garden related topics? Look no further and contact the McLeod or Meeker County Extension office!

Extension is designed as the outreach arm of the University of Minnesota to provide a broad range of education and informational resources to the public. University of Minnesota Extension works to provide the research-based information to help solve the critical issues of the farm and garden. This education is provided through many different outlets. A few of the outlets for education include news releases, publications, radio interviews, e-mail, social media, technical service, and educational programs.

Often during the months of November through March, Extension offers a number of different types of workshops being hosted.  Land rental meeting, private pesticide applicator training, horticulture day and winter crops days are most common in our area. In utilizing this timeframe, we utilize the slower time of the year to showcase research and education resources to aid in farm and garden decision making. Through the local Extension offices, we encourage the public to share topic ideas and insight on how to improve Extension workshops and resources provided. Free feel to share your thoughts with me at either the McLeod or Meeker County Extension office.

Another 24-7 resource available is the University of Minnesota Extension website. Simply type into your browser to access unlimited informational resources at your fingertips.  There are a number of difference icons across the top of the Extension webpage to help guide you toward the information you may be looking for.  Outside of agriculture and the well-known 4-H youth development program, there are several other areas such as community, environment, family, food and gardening that showcase resources on the Extension website.

The last way to access resources is by visiting your county Extension office. Contact Karen Johnson, McLeod and Meeker County Extension Educator for agricultural or horticultural assistance in either of the two counties. Locally, the office will know about upcoming educational programs in the area. The McLeod County Extension Office is located in Hutchinson at (320)484-4303 or the Meeker County Extension Office is located in Litchfield at (320)693-5275. Contact Karen Johnson by e-mail at Workshop inquiries, agriculture questions, and topic suggestions always welcome!