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Federation Meeting & County Fair Work Night: Pre & Post-Fair Cleanup!

Please plan ahead and save Monday, July 22 at 5 p.m. for the County Fair work night.  Short Federation, Ambassador, and Livestock Committee Meetings will be held after clean up.  This will be the only evening designated for pre-fair clean up.  Please note the minimum number of members requested from each club.  More workers are always welcome!


Assigned task

Clubs ResponsibleAdults in Charge

4-H Building (Pre-Fair Clean Up) Pre-Fair Power Washing – You’ll need to supply your own pressure washer and hose. Contact the Extension Office at 320-693-5275 to schedule a time to get into the 4-H Building at least 2 days prior to July 22 set up day.


Koronis Eager Beavers


Designated by Assigned Club


4-H Building (Pre-Fair Clean Up) (At Least 3 adults, 3 youth per club)

Forest City Livewires, Kimball Kruisers, Cosmos Comets, Valley Victors

Exhibit Building Committee,   4-H Staff


4-H Office


4-H Staff4-H Staff

Foodstand (Pre-Fair Clean Up) (FOUR adults and two youth per club)




Foodstand Committee Members, Litchfield Satellites, Danielson Hustlers, Dassel Lamplighters, Koronis Eager Beavers


Dede Hard (Foodstand Manager) & 4-H Staff



4-H Building (Post-Fair Clean Up) 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Sunday night of fair. (At least 3 adults, 3 youth – ages 16+ per club)

Forest City Livewires, Valley Victors, Litchfield Satellites

4-H Staff