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    Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification Workshops in NW MN

    If you need to renew your Private Pesticide Applicator certification, you can do so by attending one of the upcoming recertification workshops sponsored by University of MN Extension. These workshops offer a great opportunity to review regulations and safety issues related to pesticide application, as well as provide you with the latest University research on integrated pest management.

    Land Rental Rates

    The University of Minnesota Extension provides helpful information on the value of land rental across the state.

    Free Farm Financial Counseling

    An opportunity to receive free financial counseling from a team of farm financial analysts.

    NW Minnesota Ag Lenders Conference

    Join us for the 2018 NW Minnesota Ag Lenders Conference! This conference will help lenders develop a more in-depth understanding of the agricultural industry trends moving forward.

    VFD Survey

    Michigan State University Extension, in partnership with University of Minnesota Extension and other Land-Grant Universities, is conducting a nationwide survey of food-animal producers to learn more about how the VFD rules that have been in effect just over a year have impacted animal agriculture.

    March Updates

    Click here for events happening in March around Norman and Mahnomen Counties! As always please contact me if you need any assistance.

    Women in Ag Network Annual Conference

    Join us for the third annual Women in Ag Network Annual Conference. Our theme this year is Overcoming Adversity, and we have planned a dynamic day with great speakers and breakout sessions on timely agricultural topics.

    Help Extension Research! Two Surveys and a chance to win a $25 gift card.

    Cindy Tong needs our help in gathering data for her research. She's developed creeping charlie and home produce storage surveys for the public.

    OVOC Update: Preserving the Harvest.

    Fall brings an abundance of garden vegetables and apples. Find resources for canning and preserving.

    Dicamba Damage Survey

    If you have experienced dicamba damage, please complete this survey. Minnestoa Department of Agriculture will use this information to evaluate the impact of dicamba use in Minnesota.