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One Vegetable One Community Update

Snap! That is the sound of a green bean that’s ready to be harvested.  Green beans are picked before the seeds inside have developed, the pods should be firm and make a “snap” sound if you try to bend it in half.  Pick green beans as soon as they are ready, this encourages more beans to grow.

It has been very hot recently and little to no rain.  Make sure you are watering your plants, and providing a balanced fertilizer if you have plants in a container. Fertilizer percentages may vary from brand to brand, but the order of the nutrients is always the same: N, P, and K. A mix of 5-10-10 is a good choice for beans. Wilting leaves are a sign that the plant is dry and needs water.

Fresh beans can be steamed, sautéed, baked, or eaten fresh. Submit your recipes and pictures via email to:, call the Extension Office at 218-935-2226 or stop by Monday – Friday 9a-2p. Every submission gets an entry into a prize drawing!