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Sizzling Steak Supper Summary

The Mahnomen County 4-H Steak Supper was held on Saturday, March 17th at the Mahnomen Area Service Center.  Here is a summary of the event:
Mackenzie Lampton made Steak Supper flyers.

The Noll Family picked up supplies in Fargo and ordered some food from St. Michael’s School and the buns from Earth Grains. 

97 lbs. of New York Strip steak and 10 pounds of ground beef were ordered from Johnson’s Meat Market in Flom.  Lizy Reich picked this up on Saturday around noon in 2 coolers and brought to the service center at 3:00.

450 mini cheesecakes were ordered from Creamy Creations, Erica Zurns (about 50 cents apiece) Gina McLaughlin-Worms picked them up March 7th and they were stored in the freezer at the service center.

Set up began on Friday, March 16th with Ashleigh Omlid and Gerri Swiers moving out unneeded items and setting up more tables and chairs in the dining area of the service center.  Sady Swiers helped put on tablecloths and centerpieces after school.  Picture placements were made at the office and 6 were put on the 10 round tables and 10 on the long, rectangular table (seating set up for 70). 
Laney Swiers lined up the potatoes with Ross Opsdahl.  She and Logan Kettner picked them up in Syre on Saturday, March 17th at 1:00 pm.  Rebekah and Luke Donner, Tristan and Katie Stone washed potatoes starting at 3:00 pm.  They were reds and quite large.  Note for next year - we need to get them in the ovens sooner to be done by the 5:00 pm meal.  Russets preferred

Ed Snetsinger and Corey Hoseth brought their grills and were the grill masters from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  It was a balmy spring day (around 40 degrees) and they grilled behind the service center.

Youth servers:  Natalie Noll, Marcus Noll, Bridget Miller, Isabella Schlick, Bailey Halvorson, Olivia Halvorson, Kaden Noll, Jenna Geray, Sady Swiers, Michelle Wadena, Lukas Geray, Hanna Worms, Kael Snetsinger, Laney Swiers, Lizy Reich, Logan Kettner, Dakota Kjos, Tate Hoseth and Daniel Snetsinger.

Adult workers:  Gina Noll, Rose Schlick, Jill Bisek, Joe Swiers, Pat Noll, Donny Halvorson, Gina McLaughlin-Worms, Cass Hoseth and Gerri Swiers.  Peg Braaten was also around for clean-up.

According to the ticket tracker there were 58 paid meals at 5:00, 15 delivered meals at 6:15 and 74 paid meals at 7:30.  13 youth and 6 adults ate between shifts (4 of these paid to eat at one of the time slots).

Bridget Miller, Olivia & Bailey Halvorson and Isabella Schlick shared 2 songs at the 7:30 meal – Tarzan and Your Momma Don’t Wear No Socks.

Michelle Wadena and Sady Swiers sold 126 quilt raffle tickets (plus 5 were sold already) so we have only 869 tickets left to peddle!

There were extra steaks, hamburger, cooked potatoes, cheesecakes, buns, dressings.  $144.00 was collected from buy-backs.  Less hamburger will be purchased next year – order 5 pounds and a less expensive dessert will be discussed.

Meals sold Meal total Donations Total Income:  
147 $2940 $330 $3,270


  • Johnson’s Meat Market - $ -738.25

• 97 lbs Steaks
• 10 hamburger

  • Creamy Creations - $ -228.00
  • Food – St. Michael’s - $ -206.48
  • Supplies – Gina Noll - $ -265.17
  • Buns – Earth Grains - $ -41.28
  • Tickets- Erskine Echo – Not Billed
  • Buy Back - + $ 144.00

Total Expenses without Erskine Echo - $ -1335.18

2018 Steak Supper Profit:  $1,934.82  It was voted that ½ of this would go to sponsoring a kid-friendly event at the 2018 Mahnomen County Fair and the other half would go the Ambassador program.