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Recap of BLU

10 Mahnomen County 4-Hers attend BLU, February 10-11, 2018 at the Castaway Club, Detroit Lakes. Here are their comments on the overnight leadership retreat:

Questions asked:

1: Name
2: # of BLUs attended
3: Words of Wisdom
4: Best thing

Lindsay P. 
First BLU attended
Words of Wisdom: Go to bed early.

Sady S. 
First BLU attended
Wisdom: Get involved. 
Best thing: Meeting up with old friends from  4-H Sandhill Camp.

First BLU attended
Wisdom: Step out of your comfort zone.
Best thing: Making new friends

Logan K.
First BLU attended
Best thing: Using teamwork to get the ‘dub’ in all of the small group activities.

Maggie H.
2nd BLU attended
Wisdom: Try new things, out of the ordinary.
Best thing: Meeting our Sloop bunk mates.

First BLU attended
Wisdom: Make new friends.
Best thing: Catching up with some old friends.

Wisdom: Whether you enjoy or don’t enjoy it, it’s all up to you.
Best thing: Impressive to see the youth leadership.

Laney S.
This is my 5th year going to BLU.
Every year I have a great time and always look forward to the next one.  I love hanging out with friends I’ve met along the years and meeting new people. 

Mackenzie L.
This was my 5th BLU and it was a great experience.  I got to be with my friends I met many years ago through 4-H and I met many more in my small group.  We got to learn a lot about each other which was great and super amazing.  I love 4-H and my 4-H family.

Amara L.
3rd BLU attended
I thought BLU was really fun and I had a great time meeting new people, talking about things we do as 4-Hers, and of course the dance.  I feel like I can be my weird-all-over-the-place-crazy-self around those people.

Lizy R.
This was my 3rd BLU
I learned more about how I learn and how to accommodate to others’ learning styles.  I also got to see my 4-H Family and even got a few new members. My small group was great, we played several name games and I don’t think I’ll forget any of them; and we also won both activities (the minefield and the tallest car tower) so that shows how great our teamwork was.  Overall I would say I definitely had fun and I learned a little more about leadership and pardoned turkeys.