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Officer Training Held

Many 4-H'ers attended the officer training in Bagley on January 7th. The attendees from Mahnomen County were Hailey Busche (6th), Olivia Clark Burnette (6th), Jenna Geray (6th), Sady Swiers (6th), Elizabeth Reich (10th), Mackenzie Lampton (10th), and Lindsey Swiers (12th).

We arrived at about 8 and made LED light up name-tags. We also did a popsicle stick activity while also learning the recommended way to run a meeting.

When we had snack, we used parliamentary procedure and we reached a verdict with a healthy-ish snack.

Another fun activity we did was a saran wrap ball that we had to unroll until the next person rolled doubles. We also used parliamentary procedure to get pizza for lunch. After lunch most of the attendees went bowling.

We walked over to the bowling alley and got into our teams. We played one round and then two people from each group switched and we played a new game.
“A fun experience where we were able to mingle more with our peoples. It was interesting that all the officers were able to learn specific things about their jobs.”-Mackenzie Lampton.
“The officer training was a learning experience that I enjoyed and hope to use in future meetings.”-Lizy Reich

Submitted by Lizy Reich, Mahnomen County 4-H Reporter