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Mahnomen County 4-H Salutes Volunteers during National Volunteer Week

Each year, thousands of volunteers in Minnesota donate their time and energy to make their communities a better place to live. These volunteers will be among the millions across the country who will be spotlighted during National Volunteer Week, April 23-29, 2017.

One group that relies heavily on volunteers is the University of Minnesota Extension’s 4-H Youth Development Program.  Minnesota 4-H supports nearly 11,000 adult volunteers annually who engage young people in a variety of hands-on learning experiences. Volunteers are critical to the success of 4-H programs and making a difference in the lives of youth.  In Mahnomen County, 35 volunteers, both youth and adult, serve as club leaders, project leaders, committee members, and in advisory capacities for the 4-H Youth Development Program.  Volunteers spend numerous hours working on tasks, such as mentoring a child with a 4-H project, leading a project with youth to serve the community, or helping organize an event at the county fair.

The work of 4-H volunteers is continuous. Every day volunteers lend a helping hand to make 4-H programs more beneficial to the residents of Mahnomen County.  Those interested in joining the team of 4-H Volunteers are invited to contact the University of Minnesota Extension - Mahnomen County at 218-935-2226, Mahnomen County 4-H, 

THANK YOU to our adult volunteers!  Project/Club & Federation Leaders:  Jolene Moran, Jill Miller-Bisek, Gina & Pat Noll, Kelly Klinkhammer, Rebecca Halonen, Margaret Braaten, Sarah Snetsinger, Joe & Gerri Swiers.  Adult Volunteers:  Blair & Deb Hoseth, Anna Johnson, Merlyn Olson, Ashleigh Omlid, Ed Snetsinger & Isabella Wedin.  Extension Committee Members:  JoAnn Kersting, Franklyn Preisler, Sheila Swiers, John Seeger and Gene Scott.