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LQA&E Recap

Group of youth standing and seated smiling at the photographer

Mahnomen County 4-H Members have been busy these last few weeks. On January 26th area youth participated in a Livestock Quality Assurance and Ethics (LQA&E) training. During the Livestock Quality Assurance and Ethics (LQA&E) training youth learned about how to provide excellent care for their food animals and ensure a high level of food safety to consumers. The training is designed to enhance the educational experience of 4-H animal science project participants. The youth shared that their biggest take away from the training was learning about the “Line in the Sand” and which 4 questions to ask yourself when caring and showing livestock. 1- Does it violate FDA Laws? 2-Is it Fraud? 3- Is the animals welfare comprised? and 4- Is it real world agriculture? They also shared that learning about animal’s blind spot, flight zone and point of balance was interesting and an important fact when they work with their animals at home. The older youth shared that learning about Environmental Stewardship regarding the various environmental concerns related to animal agriculture. They enjoyed smelling their way to understanding how some may find animal waste odors offensive. Overall the afternoon was filled with hands on activities and discussions.


Photo: Back row: Katrina Quick, Hannah Brandt, Gabriel Crompton, Elias Traut and Evan Brandt. Front row: Madalynn Crompton, Ava Larson, Michael Crompton and Thor Askelson.