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Cloverbud Fall Project Day

On Saturday, November 9th at Mahnomen Public School during the 35th Annual Festival of Crafts Mahnomen County 4-H Ambassador Team led area on an adventure filled morning. The group began by learning about hibernation and different animals that hibernate to survive the winter.  After the lesson bear masks were created from paper plates, paint, craft sticks and construction paper. The next activity included making clucking turkeys from plastic cups, string, feathers, paper and googly eyes. While making the turkeys the group learned about how some animals adapt to cold winters, increased fur for insulation or by hiding in heavily wooded areas for warmth and food. The participants enjoyed a hibernation themed trail mix with each ingredient representing a different type of food source eaten during the winter months. During the final activity the youth played a game called Migration. Participates rolled a die and went to that station number where they faced different challenges, such as loss of habitat to flying into a glass building. At the end youth were able to identify the different ways animals survive winter and made new friends. Thank you to our hardworking and dedicated ambassador team as well as their fearless leaders.