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4-H Steak Supper Summary

Thank you for ALL you did to make the 2017 4-H Steak Supper such a success!  According to the sheet, 65 meals were served (includes to go) at 5:00 & about 76 (includes to go) at 7:30 pm. 

We had:

  • 17 youth serving the first meal
  • 19 serving the 2nd shift and
  • 1 youth counting money with adult advisor after 7:45.
  • 15 of these were fed between the meals, 2 ate with family at 7:30 & 4 took meals to go.
  • $210 worth of raffle tickets were donated!  The kids selling did an excellent job

Total Income: $3820.00
Total Expenses:  $1282.58
Profit:   $2,537.42

Much appreciation goes to:
• The Noll family for picking up all the dinner supplies, table cloths, decorations, potatoes & more!
• Deb Hoseth for picking up the steaks
• Corey Hoseth, Pat & Gina Noll & Ed Snetsinger for bringing the grills 
• Gina McLaughlin-Worms for ordering & picking up the cheesecakes
• Tickets seller:  Deb & Blair Hoseth, Peg & Jerry Braaten, Pat & Gina Noll, Ed & Sarah Snetsinger, Jill Bisek, Steve Worms, Corey & Cass Hoseth, Kelly Klinkhammer and Sarah & Jason Stock
• Bridget Miller for entertaining the crowd on the keyboard
• Jill Bisek for bringing keyboard & microphone
• Lindsey, Laney & Sady Swiers for spending Friday after school clearing out the service center
• All families who worked during set-up, in the kitchen, at grills, serving and cleaning up:  Nolls, Hoseth, Braaten, Snetsinger, Worms, Stock, Clark Burnette, Lampton, Woltjer, Reich, Stock, Halvorson, Klinkhammer, Bisek, Kjos, Miller & Swiers