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4-H Happenings in Mahnomen County

4-H Open House!

4-H Open House Held on October 5th.  Twenty  youth & adults attended the 4-H Open House on October 5th.  Five paper (all new!) & four online enrollments were completed that day!  Activities included:  cupcake decorating, planting pothos, spiral snakes & DOG BINGO with prizes!   The 4-H Open House made the front page of the Mahnomen Pioneer in color!

4-H Federation Meeting 13 youth & 7 adults were present at the 4-H Federation meeting, Waubun School Forest on Sunday, October 8th from 2pm-4pm.  The 2017-2018 4-H budget was presented & approved.  Two 4-H paper enrollments were handed in (new to 4-H).  Hats off to our 4-H youth volunteers! Laney Swiers guided the group in tree/leaf identification.  Outdoor games were led by Amara Lampton, Lizy Reich & Mackenzie Lampton.  Kael Snetsinger, with the assistance of his mom and brother, Daniel, helped all make their own para cord bracelets.  Cupcakes (to celebrate National 4-H week), trail mix & carrots were supplied by the Swiers family

Officer Training held at Ecumen, Detroit Lakes on October 2, 2017.  41 Becker County youth and adults attended the offering.  Here are some of the take-aways from the training:  how to write checks, keep meetings simple, proper gavel usage, officer roles and responsibilities, learned about reflection.  Each attendee got a 30 minute taste of each of the officer roles.

5:45 Pizza
6:00 Welcome
6:15-6:45 President/Vice President (Gerri) & Secretary (Leigh) Group 1
6:45-7:15 President/Vice President (Gerri) & Secretary (Leigh) Group 2
7:15-7:45 Treasurer (Gerri) & Other Officers: Reporter, Recreation and Reflection (Leigh) Group 1
7:45-8:15 Treasurer (Gerri) & Other Officers: Reporter, Recreation and Reflection (Leigh) Group 2
8:15-8:30 Farewell

Leigh Edwards, Becker County Program Coordinator, will come here so Mahnomen County 4-Hers get the opportunity to learn about all the officer roles.  Is there interest?  If so, let Gerri know so we can set up a date, time & place!  (218)935-2226 or

County Ambassadors

The Mahnomen County Ambassador team (Amara & Mackenzie Lampton, Lizy Reich & Laney Swiers) met after the 4-H Federation meeting to plan a kindergarten-4th grade 4-H day camp and a 5th-8th grade 4-H lock-in.  Watch for more information on this & other events!

Homecoming Royalty
Homecoming Royalty – 4-H roots.  The 2017 Mahnomen High School Homecoming King & Queen are both active in Mahnomen County 4-H!  Daniel Snetsinger is the 2017-2018 Federation President & Larissa Schoenborn is an active member/officer of the Busy Riders 4-H Club.  The other queen candidates:  Lindsey Thompson, Kyle Gagnon & Abby Large have also been involved in 4-H by attending BLU &/or exhibiting chickens at the fair!

The Mahnomen Community Fall Festival scheduled for October 14th was cancelled due to the weather!