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Livestock Quality Assurance

Lincoln County will be hosting a in person Level I LQA&E training this summer.

The training will be free for Lincoln County 4-H'ers and is required for anyone planning to attend State Fair. The training will be on June 9 at 5:30 p.m. at the fairgrounds in Tyler.

Please RSVP 

Visit our website (link below) to learn more about LQA requirements and other options for taking the training and options for Level II training.

If you have questions about LQA&E requirements, please email


At the time of writing this newsletter, Minnesota schools are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, I would encourage you to use your time at home to complete the online LQA&E Training.

Once you complete this training, please email us the certificate of completion so that we can record your training. Please do not skip this step - we cannot give you credit for the training if we don't have the certificate.

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June 9, 2020

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