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County 4-H awards

As you are working on finishing up your 4-H year and your records it’s also a good time to look at some of the Lincoln County 4-H Awards.  

The following awards are available for 4-H members to apply:

Guerts Safety Award - The Geurts Safety Award is sponsored by the Ivanhoe Greenleaf 4-H Club.  It is in honor of Don, Brian, and Mathew Geurts.  They were active in our club and will be long remembered in our 4-H club and in the Ivanhoe Community.  Candidates for this award must be enrolled in the 4-H safety project, taken a safety exhibit to the county fair and presented a demonstration/project talk on the safety project during the current 4-H year   

Kris Kitchen Award - Clubs can nominate a member for this award.  Criteria includes: Must be enrolled in the foods & nutrition project and exhibited in foods at the county fair.  Additional criteria to consider--Did the 4-H’er look beyond basic food preparation?  Did they explore nutritional value, meal planning and food science aspects of the project they were involved in?  Did they go the extra distance by participating in food review and keeping accurate and thorough records? 

Citizenship Award - All 4-H members are eligible.  Being involved with Youth Leadership is recommended, but not required.  This is based upon contributions that the 4-Her has made to their local community.  Criteria includes: special project accomplishments, description of 4-H experience related to school, community, church and a short reference from an adult leader. 

4-H Member Achievement Award - This award is sponsored by the Lincoln County Farm Bureau to recognize a 4-Her who has taken full advantage of the programs 4-H has to offer.  Criteria includes a description of how you have taken advantage of 4-H opportunities over the last five years. 

Go Getter Award - The Go-Getter award involves participation and leadership at both the club and county level.  This is reviewed and voted on by Leader’s Council and County Ambassadors.  Criteria includes: completed 6th grade, participated in at least 3 county wide activities, exhibit in at least 3 project areas, serve on two club committees, serve as a club and/or county officer and write a brief description about their 4-H experience for this year. 

MN 4-H Key Award - This is one of the top awards that any 4-H’er can receive in their career.  Qualifications include: being a 5 year member, three years in the youth leadership project and participating in local, county, regional or state level activities.  Through an application process selected for this years Key Award this 4-H'er has met the criteria of having an outstanding 4-H history. 

Alumni Award - Clubs can nominate adult leaders and volunteers for this award. The award goes to a former 4-H member (from any county or state 4-H program) who believes so much in the benefits of 4-H they choose to continue to be a part of 4-H as an adult leader or volunteer. 

Honorary 4-H'er Award - This award goes to an individual who didn’t have the privilege to experience 4-H as a young person - but today as an adult fully participates and enjoys the fun and benefits of 4-H. 

Friend of 4-H Award - This award has been given to individuals, businesses and organizations that have supported the Lincoln County 4-H program over the past year or years.

All award applications are due September 30, to the extension office.  Club leaders, if you have questions about who has won club-nominated awards in the past, please let Michele know.  We have a list of past winners in the office.

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Award Applications Due

September 30, 2019

Lincoln County Extension Office, Courthouse Assembly Room, Ivanhoe, MN