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County Agriculture Educator

  • Leghemoglobin: the Impossible Plant Blood
    In the past couple of years, vegetarian burgers and sausages are getting close to imitating meat. People may choose these options for many reasons, from reducing greenhouse gases to animal welfare concerns. One of the ingredients used in the Impossible Burger, leghemoglobin, was surprisingly familiar to agronomists.
  • Updated Cropland Rental Rates
    The University of Minnesota has recently included their 2018 farm rental data information online.
  • Conifer Madness
    Thirty five to forty percent of my service calls deal with trees, and the vast majority of those calls consist of evergreens that often do not live up to their name.

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  • Gardening
    Get information about best plants and gardening practices for Minnesota lawns, landscapes, and gardens.

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Master Gardeners

  • Lawns to Legumes Leads to Shoreline Renovation
    To cultivate a healthy water ecosystem, I planted a shoreline buffer garden which offers so much more than stabilization and erosion control. Native plants on the shoreline create a healthier aquatic environment by filtering pollutants from run-off water, while creating habitat that supports butterflies, pollinators and birds.
  • Japanese Beetles: Do Four O’clock Flowers Help?
    A rumor emerged that there existed a flower which could not only halt the Japanese beetle’s garden invasion but kill them in the process. After some investigation, this mythical plant people talked about was the four o’clock, also called marvel-of-Peru (Mirabilis jalapa).
  • Bush Honeysuckle: A Shade Plant with Shady Lookalikes
    Every day I arrive to work in Le Center I’m greeted by a row of honeysuckles. When I would visit Iowa to see my parents, however,  an entirely different outlook about honeysuckles emerged. With an axe in one hand and a spray bottle of potent herbicide on the other, I was fighting a scourge rather than a landscaped plant.

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