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Explore Your Senses in 4-H After School Adventures

What is a 4-H After-School Adventure? 

Adventures are fun, short term learning experiences for students in grades K-6. Grab a friend and sign up for the fun projects we have to offer this year. This year we will be learning about the 5 senses. 


Touch: Sticky, soft, warm, bumpy…there are so many words to describe what we feel. We’ll be exploring our sense of touch as we make sculptures and mix-up some silly putty. 


Taste: Yummy, salty, sweet, delicious…how do you describe your favorite treat? We’ll be taste-testing different foods and cooking up some tasty treats.


Smell: Stinky, floral, burnt, sweet…noses help us find things we like. We’ll be using our noses to scent out mystery substances and creating some Holiday-scented crafts.


Hearing: Quiet, loud, sharp, musical…many sounds are all around us if we just stop to listen. We’ll be learning about sound, how we hear and making our own sound makers. 


Vision: Bright, colorful, dark…our eyes capture so many different things! We’ll be tricking our eyes and brain through optical illusions and magic tricks!


All 5:  Listen, touch, see, smell, taste!  We’ll be using all our senses to do a scavenger hunt and solve a mystery!

Cost: $2.50 per class

(Please make checks payable to Kittson County 4-H.)  Pre-registration is required for all activities. Fill out the registration form below and return it to the Kittson County Extension Office, 410 S 5th St - Suite 200, Hallock MN 56728. 

To ensure emergency contact and release information, please enroll as a 4-H member (go to, or to request a paper copy from the Extension office please call 218-843-3674. You can just participate in After School Adventures with no other commitments by enrolling in 4-H.