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Itasca County Landowners Can Plan On It!

For landowners in Itasca County having a healthy and productive woodlot is important. And we recognize that we have new challenges facing us with a growing list of invasive species and a changing climate. It is very important to take the time to develop clear management goals with intentional planning to maintain the resiliency of your woods.

One option for landowners is a Woodland Stewardship Plan offered through Minnesota DNR.  A Woodland Stewardship Plan is always prepared by a natural resource professional and will provide a comprehensive overview of your land, including an aerial photo, a map of your land, information on native plant communities and recommendations to help you achieve your goals. Recommendations are not binding, and most landowners find them to be a useful guide to assist in management activities.   Although these recommendations are in no way binding, most landowners find them a useful guide to assist in their forest management activities. A Woodland Stewardship Plan will need updating about every 10 years, which will help you keep up with the changes in your woods! 

Why work with a professional forester? Only approved forestry professionals (consulting foresters) can write approved Woodland Stewardship Plans.  Having a Woodland Stewardship Plan allows landowners to enroll in a property tax program and incentive payment program which can make a big difference in your bottom line. Consulting foresters are an excellent source of management advice and land care. You can find an approved list of consulting foresters on the My Minnesota Woods website, or contact the Itasca County Extension Office at 218-327-7486.