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A Tale of Two 4-H Programs

The Hill City School has recently started a 4-H Afterschool program led by 4-H Teen Mentors. The teens work diligently to prepare for programming, but when illness took out half of the Hill City Teen Mentor team, preparation wasn’t enough. Who can you turn to when times get rough? Why, your neighbors of course! 4-H Teen Mentors from the St. Joes 4-H Afterschool program in Grand Rapids were invited to Hill City to help the short-handed team. The Grand Rapids 4-H Teen Mentors had delivered the same lesson earlier in the week and were in a position to use their experience to assist the Hill City 4-H Mentors. The two teams banded together, seamlessly providing a fun learning opportunity for the elementary students in the program. Ironically, the focus of their lesson was...TEAMWORK! These teens were leading by example.


Allison Hansen

Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Itasca County