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How 4-H can help provide HOPE to ACEs

What are HOPEs?

Dr. Robert Sege from Tufts Medical Center is the lead researcher of Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences (HOPE). He defines positives experiences as experiences that do the following:

  • Promote nurturing, supportive environments
  • Living, developing, playing, and learning in safe, stable, protective, and equitable environments
  • Having opportunities for constructive social engagement and to develop a sense of connectedness
  • Learning social and emotional competencies


How can 4-H provide HOPE?

The short answer is we already are! 4-H is uniquely positioned to generate HOPE.

In 4-H youth are able to:

  • Create meaningful supportive environments with, their peers in club settings, the adult volunteers and Extension staff that guide youth through project-based learning
  • Participate in 4-H Clubs and after-school programs that provide safe environments for youth to learn and lead
  • Engage in their Clubs, afterschool activities and special events that promote belonging and mastery
  • Discover and learn about social emotional learning skills like teamwork, communication and cooperation in various 4-H program offerings.


These 4-H create positives experiences can be directly tied to those that Dr. Sege recommends. Thank you for helping us create HOPE in Itasca County and combat ACEs.