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Houston County 4-H Showcase 2020


All shows will be set up in a Come In - Show - Depart format. Everyone is expected to clean up after themselves really well. Please bring your own trash bags. 


Livestock are expected to be tied to trailers unless it's really hot or raining. The only exception is swine and milking cows (dairy). Rabbit and Poultry animals should be in personal carriers/cages. Families can bring tarps or tents to provide shade for the animals. The fair board has requested that everyone use shavings for livestock bedding. A manure spreader will be available for cleaning up manure after each show. Please bring your own wheel barrow. 

Livestock Stalling sheets and payments are not needed this year. Instead, livestock showcase attendees need to fill out the following form:

Virtual Option for Livestock Shows:

Visit: for more information.

Registration Fee. 

There won't be a parking fee this year for the livestock showcase but there will be a registration fee for both static and livestock exhibitors to help cover various costs related to the showcases. 

Cost: $10.00 per youth with a cap of $20.00 per family. This will be a one-time cost for each youth/family participating in showcases. If youth participates in both static and livestock showcases, they do not need to pay twice. If a youth is showing multiple projects/livestock species, they do not need to pay twice.

Livestock families: we will collect the registration fee at the gate.

Static project ONLY families: please send in your registration fee to the Houston County Extension Office at 611 Vista Dr, Caledonia, MN 55921.

Check-Ins & Weigh-Ins

Beef and Swine will have weigh-ins. Sheep and Market Goats will use the honor system/weigh at home. 

All breeding animals will need to come to a central check-in table (this will be the weigh-in table for Beef and Swine). You will get a packet of entry cards upon arrival for all your animals. Bring the animals under the youth who is showing them to the check-in table. 


Look for parking signs. Parking for each show/species may look a little different. Swine trailers should all be parked in the grand stand area. Vehicles without trailers should be in the regular parking area by/behind the Poultry barn and near the horse barn. 

The carnival area will also be used for overflow parking. 

Masks & Sanitizer 

**If you have your own mask, please bring it! If you don't have one, one will be provided for you.** Please make sure you wear your mask effectively!!**

Masks will be expected to be worn at all times in the show arena. Masks are expected to be worn any time someone can't social distance. When in large groups masks must be worn. When in small groups masks must be worn. When by your trailer or a safe distance from others, masks do not have to be worn.

Someone will be going around and sanitizing surfaces throughout the grounds and during each show. 

Please use hand sanitizer throughout the day. 


Bathrooms will be available. 

Live Stream of the shows:

Livestock Shows: Live-stream Link:

Static/Non-Livestock  Judging Showcase

Static judging will all be done virtually this year.  

All photos and videos should be uploaded to a program called Smugmug first (and saved by youth's first name and last initial and 1-word descriptor). Then youth should show up at the scheduled day and time for their project judging. Youth and judges will have the conference judging via zoom. 

See "Static Judging Schedule" for more details. A schedule for each family's projects will be coming out shortly. If there is a conflict with a time, please let the Extension Office know and we will try and suggest a switch. 

We will let everyone know when Ribbons and Awards will be available for pickup. 



Carcass Evaluations – postponed

Fall Festival – postponed

Livestock Interviews – postponed

MN Meats Grilling Contest - postponed

Play Day - Cancelled

Share The Fun – Postponed

Supreme Showmanship Contest - postponed


State Fair Sign Up Details

  • All youth who have completed 6th grade and get a blue ribbon are eligible for this year's virtual State Showcases. 
  • We will have a COUNTY registration form for youth to fill out to "accept" a State Fair "trip". 
  • We will have a STATE registration process for all youth to fill out once a State Fair "trip" is accepted. Payment options will be available online. If anyone is uncomfortable with paying online, a check, made out to the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, can be dropped off to the Extension Office drop box by the registration deadlines listed below. 
  • All LIVESTOCK registrations must be submitted by Saturday, August 22nd by 6:00pm.
  • All STATIC registrations must be submitted by Sunday, August 23rd by 2:00pm. No changes will be allowed after each of these deadlines. 
  • Livestock exhibitors will still get a shirt. 
  • Costs: Static Projects = $15 per entry and Livestock = $35 per entry

  • Additional information can be found at:


Extension Office - 507-725-5807 or 507-218-2946

Rebecca's email:

Jenn's email:


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