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    Plan ahead to manage risk for fall activities: Hayrides, campfires and potlucks

    4-H clubs and federations/councils plan and offer a variety of fun activities and outings for 4-H members during the fall months. Utilize the risk management policies and practices to minimize risk.

    Follow the policies and practices for activities and outings

    4-H members participate in a wide variety of activities and outings to encourage teamwork, hands-on learning and fun. These activities carry varying levels of risk which must be addressed in advance of 4-H member’s participation.

    Summer is a great time to get on campus and explore careers

    4-H State Director Jennifer Skuza talks about the many youth who have visited her at the University of Minnesota this summer. Visiting college campuses is a fun and valuable experience. Learn why!

    Staff and volunteers must report suspected child neglect and abuse

    Staff and 4-H volunteers have an important role to keep young people safe. All 4-H volunteers and staff, no matter their role or job duties, must promptly report suspected child abuse or neglect to local law enforcement or to the appropriate social services agency.

    Friends of 4-H - Boosters

    This is a group that works at raising funds for 4-H project development and program support for Houston County 4-H.

    The personal benefits of volunteering

    Have you ever wondered if adults gain anything from 4-H? Dr. Jennifer Skuza shares findings from our recent survey of 4-H volunteers. It's not just youth who benefit from 4-H participation.

    Keep youth safe – have emergency plans in place

    Planning in advance to be prepared for a variety of 4-H activities is an important key to keeping all participants safe. Utilize the “keeping youth safe” website for resources and information, and make sure to develop and have in place an emergency plan for all 4-H programs, activities and outings.

    Follow the medication policy and procedures

    4-H medication policy and procedures are designed to help keep all youth safe. Utilize the information sheet to understand the policy and how it works. Complete an authorization form before day or overnight activities occur when a parent/guardian is not present.

    Utilize Cloverbud policies and practices when planning programs

    The 4-H Cloverbud program supports the positive development of kindergarten – 2nd grade 4-H members. This requires safety measures, policies and rules that are age appropriate. A resource for parents, guardians and mentors provides information needed to plan safe and age appropriate programs and activities for this age group.

    How to talk with youth about violence

    Acts of violence are all around us. As caring adults, how do we help youth to process tragedy and maintain a sense of safety? Dr. Jennifer A. Skuza offers suggestions.