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New Families! Join Hennepin 4-H!


Thank you for your interest in joining 4-H in Hennepin County!

You will find as you get connected that there is a lot going on and many ways to get involved. In Hennepin County 4-H we are committed to using experiential education methods to develop a passion for lifelong learning!



4-H is for Everyone

All youth of all backgrounds & genders are welcome here. 4-H Youth Development is for young people in grades kindergarten through one year past high school (13th). Parents & caregivers are encouraged to be actively involved! Our clubs, events, & programs take place across the rural, suburban and urban scope of Hennepin County & beyond.



 Steps to Get Started in 4-H:

1. Connect with your Hennepin County 4-H Program Coordinators!

We are so looking forward to meeting you and your family! Please take a few moments to fill out the Minnesota 4-H Inquiry Form. This information will help staff best answer your 4-H questions and get your connect with programs that fit the needs and interests of your child(ren). Upon completing the form, staff will reach out to you with more information about 4-H as soon as they can.


2. Find a club, event, or program you want to start with!

Take a look at our Hennepin County 4-H Program Catalog to learn about all the things we do! Browse through our Club topics & locations, and tell us what feels like a good fit for you. You can find out if a club is accepting new members, the age range of young people, what the interests of the members are, and how the club is organized. From there, you are welcome to schedule a visit with a 4-H Staff & Club Leader, so they can be ready to greet you at your first visit! 

If you find a club that interests you, you’re encouraged to make contact with the club leader! Introduce yourself and your family, ask questions, and make arrangements to attend an upcoming meeting. It may take a visit (or two) to various clubs to find one that is the best fit. And the good news is, you can be in more than one club!


3. Enroll your child(ren) in 4-H Online!

Once you find a club that is a good fit for you and your family you will need to enroll in 4-H. Every 4-H member needs to be enrolled into 4-H Online. Once you’ve found a club, you’re required to enroll your family in 4-H. This can be done online through our database, 4-H Online. Visit the 4-H Enrollment webpage for more information, and to watch instructional videos. Being enrolled allows for families to receive critical information and program updates.
When you enroll you will be asked to pick a club and select various projects. The project(s) you select are those areas your child is interested in learning more about. 

Once you enroll in 4-H you will need to send in membership dues, which you will discuss with your Club Leader. The dues can be paid by either check or cash and mailed or dropped off to our office (NO online payment). If you write a check please include the name of your child(ren) and the club they are enrolled in on the memo line. We do have scholarships available if need be.


4. Make the most of your 4-H Experience!

Throughout the year there will be plenty of opportunities for you to explore different topic areas at the county level outside 4-H clubs! Events and programs will be posted on our website and included in the monthly Clover Update that comes out each month. 

  • Attend regular in 4-H club meetings, bring your family members too! Many events & workshops are designed for the whole family.
  • Ask us a million questions! 4-H Staff & Club Leaders are here to help!
  • Read the 4-H emails to stay on top of special due deadlines, upcoming workshops, and fun activities across the County, Region, & State
  • Choose topics that interest you for your 4-H projects, bring them to our County-level showcase events like Arts Revue or County Fair!
  • Be as involved as possible in 4-H!  The more involved your child is, the more they will get from the experience.  As they get older they can expand their experience by volunteering to help or sharing knowledge and skills

Check out the Hennepin County 4-H Program Catalog to learn more about the specific programs and events in our County.


5. Reach out!

Still have questions? Want to learn more? Reach out to Amy Collura or Katherine Nguyen with questions about 4-H!
In the meantime, check out the following videos to learn more about 4-H!