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4-H Project Learning

4-H Judging at the Hennepin County Fair

4-H has something for every youth in kindergarten through one year past high school! Young people in 4-H begin by exploring their interests, and then select a project, or topic of interest, they’d like to pursue further. There are numerous projects available to 4-H members, including, but not limited to:

Projects can be explored individually, as a group or club, or even online! When young people participate in a project, they are given age-appropriate opportunities to decide what they want to learn and do as they explore the project area. This allows any project area to be self-paced, choice-driven, and skills-based in setting and working toward a goal. Over time, 4-H’ers gain skills and confidence. Their projects become more advanced, as they fine-tune their skills, deepen their learning, and work toward mastery.  

Choosing a Topic

It's never too early to start thinking about 4-H Projects! Think about:

  • A project you did at school that you really cared about & want to share with others. Think about how you can spruce it up or even add to it for the Fair!

  • A problem you solved at home (leaky faucet, how to display photos, how you trained your rambunctious pet, etc)
  • A community service project you did with your club, friends, or family
  • An outdoor adventure or trip you had

4-H Project Resources

We want to make sure you have as many possible resources to showcase your project. For more ideas, you can:

  • Purchase or borrow some awesome 4-H Curriculum. Contact us, we probably have it already! 
  • Check out these "HOT SHEETS" from Iowa 4-H to get your gears turning
  • Browse Pinterest! (seriously, there are some cool ideas in there!)
  • Talk to your Club Leaders for ideas!
  • Ask your teacher or an expert about a project you could try
  • Call your Program Coordinators - Amy & Katherine to:
    • Brainstorm ideas
    • Schedule a project workshop - do you know someone who can teach 4-H'ers something?!

Your learning is so very important to us, & we want to make our fair season as accessible & successful for our amazing 4-H'ers. We can't wait!


More information will be available in 4HOnline email blasts!

Contact Amy Collura ( and Katherine Nguyen ( if you have any questions!