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Are you looking to join Goodhue County 4-H?

We are excited to have you join us! 

My name is Aly Kloeckner - and I am the Goodhue County 4-H Program Coordinator - which basically means I provide leadership and resources to the 19 clubs in Goodhue County! My support staff, Robin, is also here to assist you in any way possible.  Please feel free to call us at our office, our contact information is listed below! 


Step 1) Find which club you are interested in joining! - There is an attachment which lists all of our clubs, as well as the club leader's contact information.  Feel free to contact them with specific questions about each individual club! 

Step 2) Create a 4HOnline account - we use an enrollment software called 4HOnline.  This keeps everything for us - health forms, contact information, projects and interest areas.  Once you have logged into the account you can enroll in Goodhue County 4-H! The step by step instructions are also attached here for your convenience! 

Step 3) Let us know if you have any questions - that is why we're here! 


We are looking forward to meeting you in person - and hopefully you will enjoy 4-H as much as we do!