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2019 Animal ID Information

February 15th Deadline: 

All Market Steers, Dairy Steers and Market heifers MUST have 4-H tags in their ears, and the information registered on 4HOnline, by midnight on February 15th.  Tags are available in the 4-H office for $2/tag, and I will have them with me at all meetings I will be attending between now and February 15th.  

  • Due to the large increase in concerns regarding families who are not tagging their beef animals until well after the deadline - we will be implementing the following this year: 
  • After February 15th, 4-H staff will randomly draw 5 families out of the animals that were registered in 4HOnline, and we will be spot checking tags this year.  The superintendents, myself, and one other Beef committee member will come out to check that 4-H tags are properly applied, and that the tag information was entered correctly.  We will contact you before coming out to make sure you will be around, and find out where the cattle are housed.  
  • If we spot check, and your cattle are not properly ID'd by the deadline - then the animals will be considered ID'd incorrectly.  You WILL still be able to show at the county fair - however the animals not ID'd correctly will not be eligible for State Fair Advancement, a ribbon higher than a blue, or the Livestock Auction at the County Fair.  

We will repeat this process after the May 15th deadline for the breeding stock as well.  

As a reminder: each 4-H member does have a one time exemption to be used if they inadvertently miss a deadline. As this applies to animal id: you must submit the exemption form, and the animal information to 4-H staff within 7 days of the missed deadline.  For the February 15th deadline - that cut off date will be:  Friday, February 22 at 4:30PM (when our 4-H office closes for the day). The cutoff date for the May 15th deadline is: Wednesday, May 22 at 4:30PM.  The 7 day cutoff is a statewide policy. 

Please read the Beef information sheet carefully - there have been changes made at a statewide level regarding crossbred dairy steers that I want everyone to be sure they know about!! 


May 15th Deadline: 

All breeding beef, dairy, dogs, horses, goats, lamas, rabbits, sheep, swine, doves and pigeons must be properly identified and the information registered in 4HOnline by midnight on May 15th.  Tags for beef, dairy, sheep, goats, and swine are available in the 4-H office for $2/tag, and Aly will bring tags to meetings she attends in the spring.  

  • Rabbits must be tattoo'd by the May 15th deadline - no exceptions! 
  • Doves and Pigeons must be banded and the information entered in 4HOnline by the May 15th deadline - all other poultry will be banded at the fair 
  • Animals that are registered with breed associations should upload their registration papers to 4HOnline. 
  • All lease animals must upload their full lease paperwork to 4HOnline - lease paperwork is in process of being updated and will be sent out via email and posted here when available. 

Please read the specie information sheets carefully - they contain all the information that you need to know!