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    Sign up TODAY to learn all about Pollinators through 4-H!

    This free series is for all youth K-12+

    2020 Goodhue/Wabasha Dog Training Update

    Updated 4/29 in regards to COVID-19 training plans. What is the 4-H Dog Training Program? Goodhue County 4-H Dog Training is a dog obedience, showmanship, rally obedience and rally program in the spring/summer for youth and their dogs! The training's are taught by 4-H Adult Volunteers who have expertise with dog training. Through 4-H Dog Training, participants will learn basic dog obedience skills and will get to teach their own dog’s first-hand! More information, and registration information can be found here!

    2020 Goodhue County Fair 4-H Registration and FairEntry Information

    Your one-stop-shop for all things 4-H at the Goodhue County Fair! Find the premium book, registration instructions, and information regarding FairEntry here!

    2020 Goodhue County 4-H Summer Day Camps

    Participants will spend the day participating in fun, exciting, and educational activities! Come one, come all! COVID-19 Update: We are planning on having an alternative learning experience for our June day camp dates. July dates are going ahead as planned at this time. Please register for what you feel comfortable with. 

    2020 Goodhue County 4-H Scholarships

    Each year Goodhue County 4-H and our supporters give out scholarships that together total over $4,500! Find all the scholarship application information and due dates here.

    Goodhue County 4-H Program Guide

    Your "one stop shop" to learn about all the activities Goodhue County 4-H provides throughout the year! Check out the options, and even get signed up for the programs!

    Goodhue County 4-H Weekly Newsletter

    The Weekly Update goes out to all registered 4-H members via email on Wednesday's. To receive this newsletter via email - please register for Goodhue County 4-H through 4HOnline. 

    Are you looking to join Goodhue County 4-H?

    If you are looking to join a Goodhue County 4-H Club - then look no further! A club list, who to contact with questions, and our online enrollment process are all explained below!

    Goodhue County 4-H Records

    Each year we ask our 4-H Participants to complete records relating to their 4-H projects. This is your one stop shop to find all the documents and instructions you need to successfully complete your records!

    Goodhue County 4-H Calendar

    The Goodhue County 4-H Calendar will be continuously updated to include deadlines, office hours, meeting dates etc throughout the year. You can access the calendar through the link at the bottom of this page (Related links)